Conference Proceedings

Twenty years after the Bologna declaration: challenges for higher forestry education
2021 SILVA Publications 17: Proceedings of the SILVA Network Conference, Department of Forest Sciences, Technische Universität Dresden, Tharandt, June 19th -21th, 2019 
Eds: P. Schmidt, S. Lewark, N. Weber  pdfpdf

Quality management and accreditation for study programmes in forest sciences and related disciplines
2020 SILVA Publications 16: Proceedings of the SILVA Network Conference, Department of Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry, University of Padua, June 27th -29th, 2018 
Eds: P. Schmidt, S. Lewark, F. Pirotti, N. Weber  pdfpdf

Forest for university education: examples and experiences
2018 SILVA Publications 15: Proceedings of the SILVA Network Conference, Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences, Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague, June 26th -28th, 2017 
Eds: P. Schmidt, S. Lewark, J. Remeš, N. Weber  pdfpdf

Self-study and activation of the learner
2017 SILVA Publications 14: Proceedings of the SILVA Network Conference, held at the Institute of Forestry and Rural Engineering of the Estonian University of Life Sciences, Tartu, Estonia, September 21st -23rd, 2016
Eds: P. Schmidt, S. Lewark, V. Reisner pdfpdf

Should all forestry students learn the same? Generalist versus specialist approaches
2016 SILVA Publications 13: Proceedings of the SILVA Network Conference, held at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria, April 16th – April 18th, 2015
Eds: P. Schmidt, H. Hasenauer, S. Lewark  pdfpdf

Practice orientation in forestry curricula in universities and universities of applied sciences
2016 SILVA Publications 12: Proceedings of the SILVA Network Conference held at the School of Agriculture, Forest and Food Sciences, Bern University of Applied Sciences, Zollikofen, Bern, Switzerland, August 13th – August 15th 2014
Eds: P. Schmidt, S. Lewark, G. Müller-Starck, M. Ziesak  pdfpdf

From teaching to learning - when will we take it seriously in Forest Sciences Education?
2015 SILVA Publications 11: Proceedings of the SILVA Network Conference held at Faculty of Forestry at the Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey, November 1st – November 3rd 2013 
Eds: P. Schmidt, S. Lewark  pdfpdf

Do our students learn what they will need later?
About expected learning outcomes and competences of graduates
2014 SILVA publications 10: Proceedings of the SILVA Network Conference held at the School of Agricultural and Forestry Engineering of the University of Lleida (ETSEA), Lleida, Spain, November 22nd – November 25th 2012 pdfpdf

Bologna Cycles 1 to 3 and Higher Forest Education - Objectives and Reality
2014 SILVA Publications 9: Proceedings of the SILVA Network Conference held at the Saint Petersburg State Forest Academy
Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation Sept. 14th - 16th, 2011 pdfpdf

Bachelor / Master Education in Forest Sciences - Ready for the next Decade?
2013 SILVA Publications 8: Proceedings of the SILVA Network Conference held at the Faculty of Forestry
University of Zagreb, Croatia June 17th –June 19th 2010 pdfpdf

Development of Forest Sciences Curricula in Europe
2013 SILVA Publications 7: Proceedings of the SILVA Network Conference held at the Faculty of Forestry and Natural Environment
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece November 3rd – November 8th, 2009 pdfpdf

What do we know about our Graduates? Graduate Analyses for Forest Sciences and related Curricula-
2010 SILVA Publications 6: Proceedings of the SILVA Network Conference held at the Faculty of Life Sciences,
University of Copenhagen, Denmark May 15th - May 17th, 2008 pdfpdf

Design and Functioning of International Forestry Curricula: Considerations and Experiences.
2008 SILVA Publications 5: Proceedings of the SILVA Conference August 26th – 30th 2007 Freiburg, Germany.
Eds.: P. Schmidt, S. Lewark pdfpdf

Quality Assurance and Curriculum Development in Forestry and Agriculture related Sciences.
2006 SILVA Publications 4: Proceedings of the SILVA Conference November 2nd-5th 2006 in Valencia, Spain.
Eds.: P. Schmidt, E. Rojas-Briales, P. Pelkonen and A. Villa pdfpdf

Forestry Education Between Science and Practice.
2005 SILVA Publications 3: Proceedings of the SILVA-IUFRO Symposium April 6th-9th 2005 in Wageningen, The Netherlands.
Eds.: P. Schmidt, H.H. Bartelink pdfpdf

Quality and Competence in Higher Forestry Education.
2004 SILVA Publications 2: Proceedings of the 15th SILVA-European Meeting April 15th-17th 2004 in Freising, Germany.
Eds. L. Tahvanainen, P. Pelkonen, B. Mola pdfpdf

ICT in Higher Forest Education in Europe.
2003 Silva Publications 1: Proceedings of the SILVA European Conferences September 5th 2002 in Warsaw,
Poland and April 5th 2003 Beauvais, France.
Eds.: L. Tahvanainen, P. Pelkonen pdfpdf

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