The SILVA Network is a non-profit association concerned with higher education in Forestry. Its primary objective is to stimulate and facilitate interuniversity co-operation in the field of forestry education in Europe.

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SILVA Network

Our primary objective is to stimulate and facilitate educational cooperation in the field of higher forest education in Europe. We are interested and experienced in

  • curriculum development and creation of joint courses
  • permanently improving and assuring quality of forest education
  • enhancing capacity building in other continents by network development and partnership
  • facilitating educational cooperation by student and staff exchange
  • developing new methods of teaching and learning by using ICT and digitalization.
  • strongly involving students in the respective activities.

Starting with a small number of participants more than 30 years ago, SILVA Network today comprises more than 50 universities and universities of applied sciences all over Europe.

SILVA Network Annual Conference

SILVA Network Annual Conference 2021

Digitalization in higher Forestry Education - Teaching and Learning revisited

On July 7-8, 2021, the Annual Conference on higher forestry education, presented by the SILVA Network, took place.

Taking into account the ongoing difficulties in travelling and accommodation, the organizing team decided to offer a digital format for the conference. 

We would like to thank all speakers for their interesting contributions.

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