ICA Standing Committee for Forestry

SILVA is a Standing Committee of the Association for European Life Science Universities (ICA)

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ICA relates to the circular bioeconomy, the sustainable use of natural resources, the protection of the environment and rural development.

ICA aims to enhance our members' success in education, research and innovation for a sustainable bioeconomy and society, by engaging with European and global institutions and networks, to share experience, cooperate in new ventures, and benefit from the resulting synergy.



SILVA Procedural rules


1.1 The SILVA Network is a non-profit association concerned with higher education in Forestry. Its primary objective is to stimulate and facilitate interuniversity co-operation in the field of forestry education in Europe.
1.2 The secondary objectives will be realised at four levels:
1. students: to make it possible for students to carry out part of their study abroad and to integrate it into their curriculum at the home university
2. teachers: to stimulate and facilitate sojourns of teachers abroad, such teaching assignments should be an integral part of the curriculum of the foreign university
3. curriculum: to encourage and facilitate the exchange of information on the development of curricula, to stimulate and facilitate the development of joint curricula and to stimulate development of new teaching methods
4. courses: to stimulate and facilitate the development of joint courses open to students of all universities and taught by teachers from a number of participating universities
1.3. Although the SILVA Network works under the aegis of ICA , it is an independent standing committee that is responsible only to its members. It organises its own activities.

2.1. Institutions listed at the end are members of the association.
2.2. Institutions offering educational programmes leading to Masters and Doctoral, or equivalent degrees, in Forestry are eligible for membership in the SILVA Network.
2.3. Applications for membership should be addressed to the President of the SILVA Network. The President or the Secretary General will introduce new membership applications to the General Assembly. New members will be admitted by two-thirds majority decision of the General Assembly.
2.4. Applicants wishing to join the SILVA Network must invite a SILVA Network representative to visit the applying institution in order to become acquainted with the institution, before membership can be granted.
2.5. SILVA Network members are encouraged to become members of ICA.
2.6. The SILVA Network maintains an open attitude towards non-EU and EEA European universities.
2.7. Institutions desiring to resign from the SILVA Network must do it in writing. The resignation shall be addressed to the President of the SILVA Network, who will announce it to the General Assembly.

3.1. The SILVA Network will finance its activities mainly on project basis and contributions from member institutions.
3.2. The membership fee for the following year will always be determined by the General Assembly of the previous year.

4.1. The General Assembly will be held at least once a year. It may convene more often if the President or two-thirds of the member institutions so decide.
4.2. The President of ICA or his representative shall have the right to attend the General Assembly of the SILVA Network.
4.3. The General Assembly is chaired by the President of the SILVA Network or any other member appointed by the President.
4.4. The General Assembly is validly constituted if at least one third of the representatives are present.
4.5. The General Assembly shall be convened by the President or Secretary General at least forty-five (45) days before the meeting.
4.6. An agenda of the General Assembly shall be sent to all members at least 30 days before the date of the meeting.
4.7. All member institutions have the right to cast one vote.
4.8. Members who can not attend, may be represented at the General Assembly by other members. An absent representative may appoint another member act as a proxy for voting purpose.
4.9. These rules can be amended by the decision of the General Assembly, ruling by a majority of two thirds of the member institutions present. Any member desiring to amend these rules must inform the President, Secretary General and all member institutions 45 days before the General Assembly.

5.1. The President shall be appointed by the General Assembly. The president shall preside on behalf of member institutions, for a term of four years.
5.2. The Secretary General shall be appointed by the President.
5.3. The Secretary General is responsible for the administration of the SILVA Network and for the development and the execution of projects of the SILVA Network together with different working groups.
5.4. The President and the Secretary General constitute the Association Office.

6.1. Different activities will be carried out by working groups.
6.2. Working groups will be appointed by the General Assembly on project basis.
6.3. A separate co-ordinating working group will be appointed if so required. The co-ordinating working group will be established by the General Assembly deciding by a majority of two- thirds of the member institutions present.

7.1. The General Assembly may appoint other officers, if so required. Other officers will be appointed by the General Assembly deciding by a majority of one half of the member institutions present.

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