2012 Annual Conference

Topic: Do our students learn what they will need later? - About expected learning outcomes and competences of graduates

November, the 22nd till 25th 2012 in Lleida, Spain

About the Conference

What do our students learn? What should they learn? Do they learn what they will need later on? What would our graduates make successful in their careers, on the labour market? Finally: Do university exams assess what professors intend to teach, what student want to learn, what the labour market needs?
We may assume that success of a university graduate on the labour market will depend on his or her competences relevant for a certain task or occupation. These competences are at least partly a result of the learning process during his or her studies. It is helpful to think backwards, from the competences as outcomes of study programmes, and considering the responsibility of university teachers for designing of study programmes and organising the learning process of the students.
Formulated and expected learning outcomes (ELO) are benchmarks for judging the quality of a study programme as a programme and its performance in reality. This is based on the match of contents and methods of courses as well as assessments of the learning results with the competences needed by the graduates.
In our conference we will explore the role of ELO in the European faculties of forestry.

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