ICA Excellence Award 2022


The Association for European Life Science Universities (www.ica-europe.info) wishes to recognise individuals who have achieved excellence in furthering the values and mission of ICA as described in the ICA Strategy towards 2030.  You are invited to nominate a person, who has achieved excellence in the following criteria, for the award.

  1. Providing thought leadership, inspiration and the contribution of new knowledge through research and/or innovation for the European and global sustainable circular bioeconomy and society, and/or;
  2. Enhancing education in the specific areas relevant to ICA and more generally in the areas of the bioeconomy and society, and/or;
  3. Developing cooperation through contributing to platforms, joint learning, outreach and/or sharing experiences and understanding among European colleagues, and/or;
  4. Achieving impact and relevance with specific reference to the ICA values and mission.


Individuals (the Nominator) are invited to nominate others (the Nominee) for the ICA Excellence Award.  Download the CALL for the ICA Excellence Award to see the full details and the nomination form .


Each nominee must be a member of a European Life Science University, or Life Science faculty of a comprehensive university – which is ICA member or is eligible to apply for ICA membership according to the Bologna convention. The nominee will be an active academic member of the university or faculty.


Submit applications to the ICA secretariat by e-mail to Dr Rasa Pakeltiene (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


Awards are presented at the ICA General Assembly on 19 October, 2022 which will be held at Vytautas Magnus University Agriculture Academy in Kaunas, Lithuania prior to the ICA Rectors and Deans Forum 2022.

Download the full details of the Call

Actual Message of SILVA Network’s presidency

Dear Colleagues and Friends of SILVA Network,

Like many of us were feeling in these days, I was shocked and paralyzed by the pictures of people suffering and dying in burning cities in Ukraine, many decades after World War II. Putin’s war, in violation of the law of nations, severely affects lives of all people on the European continent, both in Western countries and in Russia itself. Our full solidarity is with the Ukrainian colleagues whose families are in acute danger of loosing their homes and even their lives.

Since the 1980s, SILVA Network performed as a platform where people from all countries in Europe were peacefully and friendly sharing their views on university education on forests. Very often we had participants from Russia joining our conferences, and only a few years ago our colleagues in St. Petersburg hosted an important meeting. This is unique in the ICA Organization, where SILVA constitutes one of the standing committees, as Russian organizations are not members in the other initiatives.

Taking into account the actual situation, I deeply regret that we have to suspend cooperation with state institutions from Russia for the time the war in Ukraine is going on. This is definitely not a measure against our colleagues, rather against a regime that endangers peace and freedom in Europe. Like other European organizations in forest research and education, we are open for continuation of our contacts on a personal basis and ready for rebuilding official bridges after this insane war comes to an end.

Kind regards,

Norbert Weber

Forestry education and beyond

SILVA supports Grow Green Jobs. Find out more and join us!

Grow Green Jobs is an Instagram campaign developed by Forest Europe. It aims to raise awareness among students as well as young professionals in the fields of forestry, natural sciences, agriculture, and agroforestry. We want them to know the existing professions and career paths in their vicinity that are fostering a transition to a more sustainable economy in Europe. Our aim is to inspire students and young professionals, therefore we encourage them to share their own experiences with sustainable jobs in the forest. Grow Green Jobs will showcase Green Jobs from all over Europe in the format of one-minute videos. Forest Europe is also producing social media content and radio ads to broaden the campaign’s reach. This material introduces concrete jobs and provides information on how to take part in the Instagram campaign. To learn more about the campaign follow us on Instagram@foresteuropedotorg

How can I take part in the Grow Green Jobs campaign?

Grow Green Jobs banner 

1.  Post a video of your project: Click here to see an example (link: Trend Reporting fowala - YouTube)

2. Suggest a communication channel and other potential partners: Click on the link to know more about the benefits our partners receive (link: FOREST EUROPE | Grow Green Jobs invitation)

3.  Spread the word!: Check our Instagram account @foresteuropedotorg and use the hashtag #GrowGreenJobs

How can I stay tuned?

Within the Workstream 3 "Green Jobs and Forest Education", Forest Europe is currently conducting seminars for students studying a forest-related field. Here, they are introducing Forest Europe and explaining the importance of this pan-European political process.